Discuss the 2024 European Cup group stage rankings

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Is the group of death in this European Cup well-deserved? If so, it's because the third person in Group B was bitten to death by a water ghost.

Talking about the 2024 European Cup group stage

The dust of the group stage has settled,the current competition system, in which the third place in the group also has a chance to qualify, has been criticized as expected, and has even almost reached the lower limit. How should we use liposuction, dehydration and muscle gain for the third place in the group?

Group A

After losing ground in three consecutive competitions, this time it was their turn to be the host. Germany not only achieved a balance in the selection of materials, but also played a concise and efficient style. It had a very good time in the first level, even if it shook hands with Switzerland and won It will be extremely difficult for the draw after the first place in the group to reach the target semi-finals.

Switzerland missed the first place in Group A after being tied by Germany, but this team has always shown a tenacious level. It doesn’t matter where they are assigned. On the contrary, other teams cannot underestimate the small country in the mountains to avoid falling into the trap. Capsized.

Even if Hungary has achieved proud results in the qualifying rounds, it will be difficult to tear off the label that they have been relegated to the second- and third-rate football countries. One piece of ironclad evidence is that even if their domestic leagues are supported and subsidized by the state, their hematopoietic ability is still not high. Those who can make it on the stage must either grow up overseas or accept overseas forging as early as possible. The key reason for the victory over Scotland in the final round was that the Scottish players lost their confidence when there was no hope of qualifying, but Hungary did not make a big mistake and persisted to the end.

Scotland collapsed again. This neighbor of England has provided many good players for the Premier League. However, the result of their integration is that the competition can only reach the group stage at best.

Group B

Group of Death In Group B, there was not much death.

Spain’s lineup is young, their passing and control play is clear but not formal, their offensive rhythm is very good, and they can press forward quickly after losing the ball. Winning all 3 games, the only one this year. Overall, it was clean, relaxed and enjoyable, and it also showed off the combat power of the Second Fleet. Although it was once overwhelmed by technology against Italy, it was dragged into the quagmire of a squid battle by old tactics.

Italy scored 4 points and ranked 2nd in the group. To say it was disappointing, they still relied on bold attacks to regain the points. But to say it was not disappointing, it completely showed that this team is mediocre and these players are very mediocre. He is also very mediocre. He wants to take the technical stream but lacks talent. He can only survive by relying on the tactical sense he has developed since childhood.

The last two World Cups were runner-up and third place respectively. After being defeated by the Armada this time, Croatia was unlucky again and was tied. They finished 3rd in the group with 2 points and won the 4th team. Extubation was announced after 3+ minutes. Although we had known about the handover of generations, the sunset was infinitely beautiful. It was really worrying how the grid army, which was lingering in the transition between old and new, could withstand the bleak dusk sky approaching night two years later.

As a water ghost in Group B, Albania was unsurprisingly at the bottom, but its performance far exceeded everyone’s expectations. After all, in addition to forcing Croatia into a desperate situation, they also scored a quick goal against Italy.

Is the group of death in this European Cup well-deserved? If so, it’s because the third person in Group B was bitten to death by a water ghost. However, the level of competition in Group B this year shows that the so-called group of death is just based on the pre-match rankings. It is far from the last France, Germany, Portugal and Hungary. Only Spain stands out, and Italy and Croatia are bitten by Albania.

Group C

A group played 6 games, but the group in which England played ended in 5 draws, except for the difference between England and Serbia. In addition, the total of 7 goals in this group is also the last.

However, if you can avoid running into strong opponents early while firmly occupying the initiative in promotion, no matter how ugly England’s performance and value are absolutely crushed, it is acceptable. After all, everyone is really serious about the knockout games.

Group D

Many people admire Austria for becoming the biggest dark horse in this European Cup, defeating France, which barely broke through its opponents, and the Netherlands, which played very abstractly, to win the first place in the group.

Although it cannot be ruled out that the French and Dutch teams are trying to catch and release their opponents in the extended training camp to calculate points. The former even generously gave Poland, the owner of the pot, 1 point. You still have to give absolute respect to Austria, whose Red Bull system is the mainstay of tactics. Not only did they win 2 games, but they also encountered France in the first round, which made the Roosters unable to resist for a while, and King James even suffered a loss.

Group E

When Group B, which was considered the group of death before the game, had paint falling all over the floor, Group E grabbed the labels and put them on them. The cycle of Romania>Ukraine>Slovakia>Belgium>Romania was not broken in the final round, and the 4 teams also had 4 points.

Slovakia and Romania worked hard to win, but the stalemate turned into a win-win situation. Ukraine, which had a huge goal disadvantage before the game, failed to penetrate Belgium, which only wanted not to lose, and could only sit on the top scorer. throne.

In the first round, Ukraine’s stars were completely defeated by Romania’s team football, which decided Ukraine’s fate and laid the foundation for the Vampires to take first place in Group E. But this is not the first time Romania has celebrated a good result in the European Cup. In 2000, they broke into the quarterfinals and defeated England 3-2. Tens of thousands of people gathered in the central squares of major cities. The same thing happened 24 years later. At least 10,000 people came to the University Square in Bucharest (named because it is close to the University of Bucharest). Some of them may not have been born when the golden generation of the millennium bloomed.

Slovakia may be less excited than Romania because they are the first to win. Before the game, almost everyone believed that the two teams would play harmoniously and with a tacit understanding, but throughout the game it was clear that both sides showed their true ability to compete fairly and still wanted to win.

Slovakia and Romania deserve more respect than Belgium. The next top 16 may be very difficult to beat against traditional powers that are good at calculating points and cards, but both teams have completed the task of guaranteeing the bottom. They have nothing to lose and they only need to show their true level to compete.

As for Belgium, which is not worthy of its name, there is nothing to say if the top 16 bumps into a traditional power in advance. Please come on.

Group F

After winning Turkey, Portugal, which secured first place in Group F with 2 wins, obviously had a good training against Georgia.

Georgia firmly grasped the rope ladder kicked down by the powerful countries, and with the draw against the Czech Republic, Georgia entered the European Cup for the first time and entered the top 16 with third place in Group F; the Czech Republic became the only loser in this group.