2024 European Cup quarter-finals – Spain VS Germany

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Spain's good performance may be in this game. This is the first real test of this European Cup.

European Cup-Spain VS Germany

The first game of the top 8 is a super heavyweight showdown, because these two teams can be said to be the two best performing teams in this tournament. Compared to the other three favorites, France, England and Portugal, The content of the game was too ideal. The host Germany and Spain, which had easily won three consecutive games in the death group, both showed efficient organization and offense in this tournament. Unfortunately, due to some luck, this game had to be played in the top 8.


Spain, which played 4-3-3, met Germany in 4-2-3-1. Spain, which had won all three games in the group stage, faced Georgia in the top 16, which had entered the knockout rounds for the first time. Although they lost points due to an own goal, But then he scored 4 goals in a row and easily advanced 4-1. If not for the outstanding performance of Georgia goalkeeper Mamadashvili, who made 9 saves in the entire game, the score difference might have been even greater.

Spanish coach De La Fuente follows the tradition of recent years, still emphasizing high-pressure ball control, but pushing the offensive rhythm very quickly. The defenders on both sides often press and cooperate with the wingers, forming a 2-3-5 frontcourt with many parts. With the human advantage and enough manpower in the middle, he can quickly counterattack and then attack.

They scored 9 goals in the previous 4 games. Only Germany is better than them in this tournament. However, although Spain is in the death group, Croatia and Italy are in poor condition in this tournament. Spain’s good performance may be in this game. This is the first real test of this European Cup.


Germany played Denmark in the round of 16. In this battle, Sane replaced Wirtz in the starting position. However, his performance was average. He succeeded in 3 of 5 dribbles. The team’s post-game rating was only better than Havertz. Facing Spain, which has strong wingers, maybe Nagelsmann still needs Sane in this game.

The past record of the two teams is very close. Germany has 9 wins, 9 draws and 8 losses. Germany has little advantage. Looking at the past 10 years, the two teams have played against each other exactly 5 times. The two teams have 1 win, 3 draws and 1 loss. The most recent time was in the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar. The two teams tied 1-1, but in the end Spain advanced in this group, while Germany was eliminated.

German coach Nagelsmann likes to use Havertz as a lone forward. Havertz will retreat to take the ball during the game. If he attracts the opponent’s center back to come up, he can use the gap behind him. If he does not follow, he will play in the midfield position. In a 4-2-4 situation, Germany will easily have a numerical advantage.

In summary:

The positioning of the two coaches is actually very close. They both like to pile up in the middle to create a numerical advantage. The difference is that Spain makes more use of the width of the wings, while Germany will let Kroos stay close to the central defender to start the attack with the ball. In this game, It is believed that the two teams will still maintain their original offensive tactics, and it will be interesting to see how they use their formation to suppress their opponents.